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At DejaLearn, we strive to maximize the overall learning potential by changing the way the modern student learns,one packet at a time. Our strategy aims to reduce anxiety, improve test scores, and foster a learning evironment that is conducive to long term retention of information learned in the classroom.

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What is a packet?

A packet contains the information that you want to memorize, whether it be SAT vocab or the names of all premier league soccer teams.
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About Us

Dejalearn started off as an idea during the college years of its founders. The whole idea of it was to making their lives easier studying for the ridiculous amount of tests that you have in college. From that it grew into a way to help everyone, not just to study but to learn anything that people wanted, whether it be art, music or chemistry. After working for more than a year, the idea has ccome to life for everyone to enjoy.

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